Bright Chocolate

Location: shop 8 3 Riverside Avenue, Bright Vic 3741, Australia

Our craft - small batch chocolate making from bean to bar. Our beans - ethically sourced hand harvested single origin cacao. Our way - sort, roast, crack, winnow, refine, conche, temper, mould and pack by hand. Pur factory - old brick stables perched next to the Ovens River in Bright, North East Victoria

Bright Chocolate is an Australian Craft Chocolate company in Bright, Victoria making small batches of chocolate from bean to bar. Simeon Crawley, Director and Head Chocolate Maker was raised in North East Victoria and along with wife Shannon and their children have called Bright home for the past 10 years.

Simeon discovered the Craft Chocolate movement that has emerged in North America during the last decade. Australia had not yet experienced this chocolate revolution. Similar to coffee or wine, cacao possesses an inherent terrior, or characteristics based on the variety of the cacao bean and the conditions of where it is grown. These characteristics are barely recognisable in mass produced chocolate, so it is very exciting to taste the single origin chocolate range at Bright Chocolate to discover what cacao can actually taste like. With a strong food and wine culture in Bright and North East Victoria, a background in hospitality and tourism, and an appreciation for all things produced locally, ethically and traditionally, Bright Chocolate is born.

Simeon has studied chocolate making at the Ecole Chocolat Academy in Canada and is now producing single origin chocolate from premium quality cacao beans at the brick stables factory in Bright, which he has also lovingly restored to its original condition, exposing impressive wooden rafters and beautiful brickwork. When the cacao beans arrive at the chocolate factory Simeon undergoes the process of hand sorting the beans. They are then lightly roasted to develop flavours, cracked and winnowed which removes the husk from the inner nibs. The nibs are then added with sugar into the Conche. Here they are refined for 16 hours removing the bitterness and acidity while retaining the terrior of the cacao. The chocolate is then tempered, moulded into bars and packed by hand.

‘For our Single Origin and Bright Blend’s chocolate ranges we have ethically-sourced cacao from around the world. Currently we are producing Single Origin bars with cacao beans from Madagascar, Ecuador, Trinidad and the Dominican Republic. These all offer a unique flavour profile from citrus to tropical to cherry to earthy and spicy’. explains Simeon. The only ingredients in Bright Chocolate’s Single Origin bars are cacao and cane sugar, retaining all the natural flavours of the cacao bean, and not to mention offering unique health benefits as there are absolutely no nasties added to what is already a natural super food.

Bright Chocolate also crafts ‘Bright Fancies’ such as Rose Jelly in Dark Chocolate or Kaffir Lime Ganache in Dark Chocolate available in beautiful wooden boxes. Regionally sourced fruit and nuts adorn the Mendiants, and chocolate lollypops are a favourite for the kids! Simeon and Shannon welcome you to take the time to taste the unique and balanced flavour of their chocolate, just as they have taken the time to create it for you.



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