Great Alpine Liqueurs

Location: 36 Churchill Ave, BRIGHT VIC

Great Alpine Liqueurs offers you the opportunity to try professionally made liqueurs , wine product and meads which are made at the premises in Bright to long established recipes and traditional styles.

There is over 20 years experience in making all the great products before commencing business in Bright. These products are sold only through Cellar Door or over the net.

The Establishment The Cellar Door, or tasting room is in the front of the building. Ample off street parking is available. Tasting of products is encouraged to ensure your satisfaction before you buy.

Information Information on how products are made is displayed in the tasting room for your edification. Three Pot stills are on display through the observation window.Tastings are given free by minimal amounts.

Groups and Buses Groups, mini tourist buses, large tourist buses are invited at any time during opening hours without appointment

Trading Hours Trading hours are between 10.00 am and 4.30 pm Friday to Monday and every day during the Autumn and Spring Festivals of Bright and Victorian School Holidays

Location & Contact Details We are situated at 36 Churchill Avenue Bright Telephone 03 571002 www.great

Liqueurs There are over twenty liqueurs of a very high standard and of different styles for you to try.

Cream LiqueursThere are four cream liqueurs which include the Caf? Au Lait, Chocolate Au Lait , Caramel Au Lait and Choc Mint Au Lait.

Fruit and berry Liqueurs There are six liqueurs made in the European style from berries and fruits which include Raspberry, Strawberry, Blackberry and Black Currant. Also there is the Apricot Brandy and Cherry Brandy made in the English style using a brandy base

The Grand Liqueurs There are seven liqueurs in the ?Grand Range? which include the famous Grand Mocca, Butterscotch Schnapps and the Hazelnut Royale. All of the seven are made for easy drinking at the not too strong 20% alcohol.

The Top Shelf Liqueurs There are 12 very good liqueurs at over 35% alcohol in ?the Top Shelf Range? which include our famous Highland Mist. In this range there is also Alpine Mist and several others which will please and delight you. It is recommended that liqueurs be drank as they are poured out of the bottle for true enjoyment of their excellence. It is often the practice to mix liqueurs with other spirits or syrups when making cocktails.

Wine Products

Green Ginger Wine , Marsala &Vermouths Green Ginger Wine, Marsala and three styles of Vermouths which include the dry French Style, Sweet Bianco and Sweet Rosso in the Italian style, available for tasting. Marsala is made in the Australian style. Green Ginger Wine is made in the traditional English style. Products in this group are wine based and are technically known as wine products. Drink wine products such as Green Ginger Wine and Marsala by the glass. Vermouths are often mixed in cocktails and aperitifs.


Mead making has been made by the family for several years. The most famous is the Sweet Spiced Mead which can be drank hot in the winter or cold at any time, famous for its warming qualities. There is also the sweet and dry meads for drinking with meals or for drinking at any time. There are also two ?liqueur meads? one made with Green Ginger and one in the style of Marsala.


Fruit Brandies & Schnapps Fruit brandies such as Apple Brandy, Pear Brandy, Cherry Brandy and Plum Brandy are distilled in the European traditional style. Other fruit brandies were made prior to beginning operations at Bright, these could also be made again if the requirement was there. In Germany these brandies are called Schnapps, also know as Parlinka or Rakia. It is recommended that schnapps be drank as a shot. Brandy should be swirled in brandy balloon, cupped in the hand to warm and release the fabulous odors as you sip.



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